We believe Datalog holds the key to the future of information systems.

Datahike is a worldly database, designed and built with a principled approach. It can facilitate the composition and necessary global requirements to both query and introspect interconnected data sources, ranging from a local household to world scale distributed systems.

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Code Contributions

It's a big vision. The scope may seem huge, but it's necessary for our future. Thus, we have a lot of work to do! It is entirely possible and together we can do it! If you have the skills or are willing to learn to participate in Datahike's development we would love to have you join us in fulfilling this vision. The Datahike database is fully open-source and always will be. Let's build a database designed for our connected world.


You can find the code on GitHub


Be part of the Datahike community!

We have a growing community and welcome newcomers. It's exciting times for sharing knowledge and connecting with people from anywhere in the world. We look forward to you joining us.

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If you use Datahike or simply like what you hear, your support helps us to keep improving and to get closer and closer to the vision.

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